Comparison of chef perceptions on food wastage between luxury hotels and casual dining

Chef perceptions of food wastage


  • Lucy Mazurke
  • Nathalie Haynes


Food waste, Perceptions, Management, Chefs, Hospitality


This study analyses the existing literature on the issues surrounding food wastage within the hospitality sector to establish the knowledge gap. The primary focus is to identify chef perceptions of the reasons behind food wastage within the kitchen and conclude if these perceptions vary when comparing different types of hospitality establishments through an operational standpoint. The semi-structured qualitative interviews, consisting of three chefs from luxury hotels and three from casual dining establishments uncovered four key research themes and additional gaps in the existing knowledge. The themes range from the chefs’ influences, the degrees of management, consumer behaviours and product utilisation, which are highlighted through an in-depth discussion of the results, further sympathising with the existing literature. The limitations surrounding the research are promulgated, drawing to a conclusion of the study that brings all the findings together to apprise future empirical research in the area.