• Built Environment Research Transactions
    Vol. 12 No. 1 (2020)

    Construction waste management strategies on large residential construction

    Alex Forester  and Norman Watts.

    Social Conflict Impact for Public Project in Urban Regeneration

    Ignas Valentinavicius & Nicola Power

    A review of Ultrasonic Velocity Testing and other techniques to evaluate Deterioration of Natural Stone

    Lauren-Mae Crofts and Elizabeth Laycock.


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    Built Environment Research Transactions
    Vol. 11 No. 1 (2019)

    An evaluation of how management theory is used to motivate employees and improve performance
    Terri Louise Broadhead & Jonathan Took

    An Investigation into Achieving Environmental Whole Life Value within UK Public Railway Design
    Lizzie Olley and Catherine Kirkham

    An Investigation into the Impact of Office to Residential Permitted Development Rights in London
    Bethan Leonard and Beatrice Fairley

    Assessing the skills shortage within UK construction
    Matthew Guy and Elizabeth Laycock

  • BERT Built Environment Research Transactions
    Vol. 10 No. 1 (2018)

    A Laboratory study of the use of Lime Stabilisation on Contaminated and Uncontaminated Clays 
    Samuel J. Blakey and Elizabeth Laycock

    An Investigation of the Implementation of Energy Saving and Emission Reducing Technologies in the UK Food Retail Industry 
    Sam Cameron  and Josie Wilson

    A Conceptual and Literature Review of the Effectiveness of BREEAM 
    Jack Sewell & Douglas J. Fraser

    A Study of the Effectiveness of BREEAM as an Assessment Tool for Sustainability 
    Jack Sewell & Douglas J. Fraser




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  • BERT
    Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017)

    Research into the use of pozzolanic material substitutes in mortars used in the refurbishment of period properties Josh Androliakos and Stephen Hetherington

    An investigation into the factors which may influence a building operator's satisfaction with their building automation and control system Philip Crampton and Jonathan Took

    An analysis of what causes the difference in yields between two submarkets in a global market: a case study of the city and west end of London Taneil Durman

    An investigation into "community action groups" and their impact on development Adam Sheard and Richard Kebell

  • BERT
    Vol. 8 No. 1 (2016)

    • Investigation in to Construction Site Waste Management Plans and their Implementation Calum Volrath
    • "An investigation into domestic sprinkler systems for the North Kesteven area Sharron Routledge
    • An Investigation to Consider the perceptions of Importing Steel for UK Construction Projects Jack Traynor
    • Managing the unknown - A plan to manage workload fluctuations and operating resources in a professional practice Ben Carter and Liz Laycock
  • BERT
    Vol. 7 No. 1 (2015)

    • A Study of Life Cycle Cost Modelling and the Associated Risk in Operational Education PFIs Owen Gower
    • "Changing Habits of a Lifetime": An Investigation of the Factors that Influence Behaviour Change to Reduce Domestic Energy Consumption Rosie Drewett and Professor Lynn Crowe
    • A study into recruitment and selection for the built environment disciplines Liz Laycock
  • BERT Vol 6 Special international edition
    Vol. 6 No. Special (2014)

    • Malaysian construction employers' expectations towards quality of quantity surveying graduates Jenny Wong Siaw Yien
    • A study on construction delays in Malaysia with specific reference to private construction projects Soo Poey Yong
    • Study on the factors and effects of delay of materials in construction industry Lee Hui Kee
    • A Study on the employment of foreign labour in the Malaysian construction industry Sim Chun Hui
  • BERT
    Vol. 6 No. 1 (2014)

    • An Evaluation of the Government's Constribution Towards the recovery of the housebuilding industry Joseph Jackson
    • A study into the efficiency of ‘whole house’ versus ‘elemental’ project delivery of ‘Decent Homes improvement works’, to determine the most suitable method for future improvement projects Adam Storer
    • Time, Cost, Quality and Health and Safety- is this the NEW ‘Iron Triangle’ Matthew Fothergill and Garry Workman
    • Green deal and the potential growth opportunities it offers to small businesses Mark Thomas Ellis and Christopher Holt
    • Has construction industry tendering in the United Kingdom become increasingly competitive? Linda Fleming and Christopher Holt
    • Do Listed Buildings have a role within the modern corporate environment? James Fletcher
  • BERT Vol 5 Special Kier edition
    Vol. 5 No. Special (2013)

    • Evaluation of Schedule Management Systems within a Medium Sized Construction Organisation Robert Hughes & Norman Watts
    • The Utilisation of Frugal Engineering Within the Construction Industry Carlo Giovanni Carenza and Professor Dr. Paul Watson
    • Further Exploration o fthe Importance of Early Contractor Involvements in Sustainable Builds Steven Musson & Tony Goodier
    • The Effectiveness of SUSA Behavioural Safety Initiative in a Regional Organisation Sam Diamond
  • BERT
    Vol. 5 No. 1 (2013)

    • Fire Safety in Residential Care Homes Jonathan Took
    • Assertained benefits of using Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the UK construction industry?Robert Horan
    • The Development of Building Information Modelling and the Impact it is Exerting on the Professional Role of the Quantity SurveyorLiam Flanagan
    • How community enterprise wood-fuel lots for domestic fuel might support heathland management Paul Titterton & Ian D. Rotherham
  • BERT Vol 4 Special international edition
    Vol. 4 No. Special (2013)

    • Applications of Information Technology in Malaysian Quantity Surveying Firms Yoong-Siu Ching and Mal-Kong Sia
    • Perceptions of Malaysian Contractors on Benefits of Construction Waste Management Way-Yi Tan and Mal-Kong Sia
    • A Study on Construction Waste Management: Steps Towards Sustainable Development in Malaysia Nai-Kang Yek Lea-Koon Tan
    • A Critical Enaluation of Radiant Cooling Utilization in Malaysia Kim-Hong Sor and Seng-Kong Han
  • BERT Vol 4 Special Kier edition
    Vol. 4 No. Special (2012)

    • BIM as a Cost Planning Aid Morné Ferreira
    • Time, Cost and Quality: Which constraint do construction professionals from a set company believe to be the most important when delivering construction projects Sam Murphy
    • A study into whether the construction of schools effectively meets sustainability standards Matthew Sparkes
    • An Assessment of the Impact of Introducing a Work Based Development Guide Matthew Kemshed & Phil Askham
  • BERT
    Vol. 4 No. 1 (2012)

    • An Investigation into the Impact the Amended Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 will have on Payment Procedures in the Construction Industry Peter Huck
    • An Investigation into the Fire Safety Management of Historic BuildingsSimon Kincaid
    • Recessionary influences upon surveying firms within UK construction: A comparison of large and small firms Bethan Lewis
    • To Identify the Mechanisms by which Lean Construction can be Incorporated into the Planning Strategy of a Construction company Christopher James
    • Humans and Change: Knowing Who You Are Leading John W. Ambler
  • BERT Vol 3 Special International Edition
    Vol. 3 No. Special (2011)

    • Refurbishment of Historic Buildings in Malaysia: A Case Study on Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur Ngiuk-Hung Ling and Gopalakrishnan Maniam
    • A review of methods used to control termites in buildings in Malaysia Soo-Sen Saw and Mal-Kong Sia
    • E-tendering in the Malaysian Construction Industry Shee-Nee Wong and Lay-Yong Ooi
    • Sick Building Syndrome in lecture halls of a higher education institution Shing-Jiuan Gan and Mal-Kong Sia
    • An overview of the collaborative partnership between Sheffield Hallam University and Tunku Abdul Rahman College Paul Watson & Garry Workman
  • "Cover showing students outside Park Hill"

    Vol. 3 No. 1 (2011)

    • Purpose Built Student Accommodation: Changing the face of student accommodation in Sheffield Richard Stevenson and Phil Askham
    • Is there possibility of harmonisation: A comparison of UK and german investment valuation practice Melanie Fischer and Phil Askham
    • Upward Only Rent Reviews versus Indexation: An investigation into the impact of differing mechanisms upon market efficiency within the commercial real estate sector Caroline Seibel and Tony Cheetham
    • An Evaluation of a BREEAM Case Study Project Jack Lowe and Norman Watts
    • A Project Management Strategy Based on Sharing the benefits of Incentivised contracts T.D.Clouter
    • How is Growth or Decline in the Economy Reflected in Rental Negotiation Outcomes in Prime and Secondary Retail Locations in the North of England? Alan Burkitt and Richard Smith
    • Use of Industrial Simulation to facilitate Work Based Skills for Building Surveying Students, an Introduction to the Rationale for Research Simon Mclean
    • An Ethical Energy Policy: A Simplified Paradigm on Electricity Pricing and Delivery to Solve Fuel Poverty and Promote Energy Efficient Behaviour John Grant 
  • "Cover showing building lobby"

    BERT Special issue
    Vol. 2 (2010)

    • The Prospects for new investment vehicles based on Real Estate in Poland: A review of the market and demand from potential investors Przemyslaw Ciupek and Tony Cheetham
    • Expansion of international retailers in the Czech Republic Veronika Tebichová and Dave Parsons
    • An investigation into viability of restoration and reuse of a listed property: a case study of Project Hala located in Warsaw Edyta Kaluzynska, Anna Dowd and Sarah Dickinson
    • Occupier’s satisfaction with technical standards of modern industrial properties in the Czech Republic Jaroslav Kaizr, Barry Haynes and David Parsons
    • Corporate Real Estate Outsourcing in the Financial Sector in Poland: The Client’s Perspective Robert Bocian and Jill Fortune
  • "Cover showing colleagues talking"

    Vol. 2 No. 1 (2010)

    • Rating (Empty Properties) Act 2007 and Business Rates Avoidance Tactics Siobhan Guilfoyle and Phil Askham
    • Residential valuation in the downturn: the comparative method with no comparables Victoria Ireland and Phil Askham
    • An investigation into the flooding and remedial work at Meadowhall, Sheffield, 2007 Robert John Burrell
    • The growing risk of flooding and actions required to mitigate its effects Adam Pinder
    • An Investigation to Establish whether Property Maintenance can Diminish the Number of Empty Commercial Buildings in Sheffield & Leeds Gareth E S Goodby and Ann Franks
  • "Cover showing surveyor at work"

    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2009)

    • Development Control Research and The Viable Systems Method Catherine Wynn
    • A Critical Analysis of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme 
    • Maria Govorusa and Chris Hill
    • Health and Safety files Greg Watts
    • An Investigation into the non-uniform decay of Hardwick  Robert Brough  & Elizabeth Laycock