A Practical Exploration of Ontology interoperability with Conceptual Graphs for added expressivity in the Semantic Web


  • Ashima Shah
  • Richard Hill
  • Simon Polovina


In the pursuit of adding expressivity to ontologies by the use of ISO Common Logic, we explore how Conceptual Graphs (CG) can enhance ontologies modeled in the Semantic Web (SW). Various strengths and weaknesses of SW's RDF/OWL are identified and considered how they be addressed by CG. We put these strengths and weaknesses to the test through a rich and topical business example in the form of a financial trading case study. We continue this practical vein by generating its ontology using the Protégé OWL tool and then use the CG CoGui Tool to elicit the comparative expressiveness as realised by these contemporary, representative software tools. In particular, the case study's OWL ontology is subjected to its business rules by means of the CG operations in CoGui. The work demonstrates how an OWL ontology can interoperate and in turn be enriched by CG tools in a practical, implementable way and from this experience stimulate industry interest in adding meaningful semantics to the SW to make it a mainstream business proposition.