Does the style of management affect the way staff members carry out their work?


  • Dominique Brennan


The aim of the dissertation was to find out whether a certain style of management affects the way in which staff behave and carry out their work. Primary research has been based on two companies in order to gain a wider range of data from differing backgrounds. The companies which have been used are; Sheffield Hallam University and BHP Accountants, with the interviews and questionnaires being completed during October and November 2013. 

The questions asked were based around whether a certain management style or method of communication affects how staff members work. The managers and staff answered different questions, however most showing strong links enabling results to be compared.

Analysis of the primary research results suggested that both managers and staff prefer the team managerial style, along with an adaptable manager and communication being based on an individual level. Many conclusions drawn from the points discussed within the literature review link with the primary research analysis, suggesting managers should be adaptable and engage with their staff. The hypothesis of this dissertation suggests the theory, ‘a management style does affect the way employees work’. This is supported by the analysis of both the primary and secondary research.

Dominique Brennan is currently completing the final year of a Business and ICT BSc (Hons) degree. Her interests in management has been building after having many different jobs, all with different management styles. To contact Dominique Brennan, please email:  or visit her LinkedIn profile: